Genghis Khan

Examine the history of the mongol empire as Genghis Khan united the tribes on his way to conquor most of the world

Conquests In China

1211-1216 War continued.--Rich and fertile country.--Grand invasion.--Simultaneous attack by four armies.--Enthusiasm of the troops.--Captives.--Immense plunder.--Dreadful ravages.--Base use made of the captives.--Extent of Mongul conquests.--The

Dominions Of Genghis Khan

1203 Karakorom.--Insignificance of cities and towns.--Account of Karakorom.--The buildings.--The grand encampments.--Construction of the tents.--Dwellings of the women.--Mountains and wild beasts.--Hunting.--The danger of hunting in those days.--